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“ . . . everything that living things do can
be understood in terms of the jigglings and
wigglings of atoms.”
Lectures on Physics
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1963 

Molecules are lifeless. Yet, in appropriate complexity and number, molecules
compose living things. These living systems are distinct from the inanimate
world because they have certain extraordinary properties. They can grow, move,
perform the incredible chemistry of metabolism, respond to stimuli from the
environment, and, most significantly, replicate themselves with exceptional
fidelity. The complex structure and behavior of living organisms veil the basic
truth that their molecular constitution can be described and understood. The
chemistry of the living cell resembles the chemistry of organic reactions.

Indeed, cellular constituents or biomolecules must conform to the chemical
and physical principles that govern all matter. Despite the spectacular diversity
of life, the intricacy of biological structures, and the complexity of vital mech-
anisms, life functions are ultimately interpretable in chemical terms. Chemistry
is the logic of biological phenomena.


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